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How to Find A Watch to Fit a Small Wrist

daniel wellington denim shirt PHOTO CREDIT: The Smart Local

Struggling to find men’s watches for small wrists? We’ll give you the low-down on what to look for when buying a watch so that you can wear it confidently.

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b.d. baggies mens classic light denim shirt
B.D. Baggies – Shirt.
daniel wellington 0101dw oxford watch navy men
Daniel Wellington – Watch.


Watches for Small Wrists

Finding small men’s watches isn’t the easiest task in the world. Although most watches have an adjustable strap, the width of the band or the face can be too big and dominate the hand. To make things even easier for you, we’ve listed a few options of small watches in different styles that’ll be perfect for you if you have small wrists.

Timex Classic Digital Bracelet Watch

timex black classic digital watch black men
Timex -Watch
Timex Silver digital watch men
Timex – Watch


Champion Grey Sweatshirt men
Champion – Sweatshirt
the idle man super skinny jeans black men
The Idle Man – Jeans
converse all star mens black and white trainers
Converse – Trainers

Timex Weekender Slip Through Strap Watch

This retro design by Timex has grown in popularity in recent years and can be worn with an everyday outfit. These small face watches still command style. It has a digital face and a silver classic case so it’s modern but looks stylish all the same. It’s also 38mm wide so it isn’t too big for smaller wrists and will look proportional to your arm. Making this the perfect budget watch for a small wrist.

If you’re a little more quirky and like to own things that are quite unique then go for this Timex strap watch. The nylon thin slip-through strap means it won’t be chunky on your wrist either. Overall it’s colourful and fun but doesn’t compromise on the high quality and detailing.

mens timex weekender slip through strap watch red
Timex – Watch.
mens timex weekender slip through strap watch yellow
Timex – Watch.


mens Classic Striped mens Oxford Shirt Light Blue
B.D. Baggies – Shirt
mens Dickies sand Trousers
Dickies – Trousers
timberland classic boat 2 eye brown men
Timberland – Boat Shoes

Larsson & Jennings C|M Collection

This minimal watch can be beautiful. The black on black design means it’s low-key and can slot it’s way into most outfits. The other colours are more traditional, picture the gold design with a suave suit. With an adjustable strap this design is one size fits all, so it perfect for the gentleman with dainty wrists.

larsson and jennings gold watch men
Larsson & Jennings – Watch
larsson & jennings all black watch mens
Larsson & Jennings – Watch
larsson and jennings watch silver mens
Larsson & Jennings – Watch


the idle man navy mens blazer
The Idle Man – Blazer
The Idle Man White T-Shirt mens
The Idle Man – T-Shirt

Daniel Wellington Leather Strap Watches

If you’re looking for a subtle and sophisticated timepiece, then Daniel Wellington’s collection of small faced men’s watches is perfect. Reasonably priced at under £200 you can wear these versatile watches is pretty much any outfit. Team them with a suit for a professional work outfit, or with a polo shirt for a smart casual style.

DANIEL WELLINGTON 0107DW Mens Sheffield Watch Black mens
Daniel Wellington – Watch
mens daniel wellington watch black strap silver face men
Daniel Wellington – Watch
Daniel Wellington Bristol Brown Watch men
Daniel Wellington – Watch


farah navy polo men
Farah – Polo Shirt
dickies 273 slim straight work short tan men
Dickies – Shorts.
toms alpargata linen plimsolls grey men
Toms – Plimsolls

Finding The Right Watch for a Small Wrist

Men’s watches for small wrists don’t have to be for children. So put away that Thomas the Tank Engine piece and go for something a little sharper.

We’re going to focus on those of you who have smaller wrists and struggle to find a watch that’ll look proportionate to your arm. If you’re looking for a men’s watch for a small wrist then look for the following key features.

mens simple watch company street styleWatch Wrist Size
PHOTO CREDIT: Katapult Design


levis sherpa trucker mens denim jacket grey men
Levi’s – Jacket
Nudie Blue Jeans men jeans
Nudie – Jeans
Simple Watch Earl Tan & Black men
Simple Watch – Watch

Watch Size Guide

  • Small to medium case diameter: If your wrist measures 6 to 7 inches then you’ll need a watch diameter that ranges from 38mm to 42mm.
  • Thin watch case: The thickness of your watch usually depends on the size of you case diameter. If you choose a small to medium case diameter then the watch case should ideally be around 7mm thick.
  • When it comes to watch sizes, stick with a small band. A watch usually has a band that is approximately half its case diameter. Try and stay away from metal bands and opt for leather ones instead as they tend to make the wrist look smaller.
men watch size guide diagramPHOTO CREDIT: Bigger Bids

How To Alter a Watch Band

Sometimes finding watches for thin wrists is impossible and you end up buying one thats slightly too big. There is nothing worse than buying a watch too large for your wrist and that keeps moving up and down your arm. You want to be able to read the time with a swift look and not have to twist and turn your watch in the right place. If you don’t want to take your watch to your local watchmaker, we have some tips so that you can alter the fit of the band yourself.

Rubber and Leather Bands

  • To adjust rubber or leather watch bands you need to first remove the buckle by disconnecting it from the spring bar with a spring bar tool.
  • You’ll then cut the band to the size you need. Ensure you remove equal amounts on both sides. Cut along the grooves and be careful not to cut the spring bar conduit.
  • Place the buckle back into place at each end of the band and insert the spring bar back by aligning the holes of the spring bar with the band conduits.
mens shore projects watch street stylePHOTO CREDIT: Shore Projects


the idle man roll neck jumper for men
The Idle Man – Jumper
The Idle Man Black Jeans men
The Idle Man – Jeans
SHORE PROJECTS St Ives Watch Black men
Shore Projects – Watch

Metal Bands

  • Most modern metal strap watches come with an easily adjustable strap.
  • Simply lift the fastening clasp and slide it along the length of the strap until you reach the desired length.
mens shore projects metal watch street stylePHOTO CREDIT: Shore Projects


mens Barbour patch crew jumper blue
Barbour – Jumper.
navy mens chinos the idle mens
The Idle Man – Chinos
shore projects gold watch men
Shore Projects – Watch

How to Choose a Watch

Before you purchase a new watch you need to take a few things into consideration. After deciding on a price, you can focus on how your watch looks. Think about the type of lifestyle you lead and buy a watch that reflects who you are.


If you’re looking for an everyday watch then we’d suggest spending a little more as it’ll last you in the long run and you’ll get more use out of it.

If instead, you think that every occasion demands a different timepiece then we wouldn’t suggest going for watches that are over £200 each. Nowadays there are plenty of good quality watches under £100 so don’t feel like you need to break the bank just to look good.


unknown the classic rose gold watch on grey leather strap men
Unknown – Watch
casio mtp 1154pq 7bef gold watch on black leather strap mens
Casio – Watch.
timex black classic digital watch black product men
Timex – Watch


Finding the right watch style can be a complex process as you’ll need to consider many aspects including colour, material and shape of the timepiece. However, the main thing you’ll need to think about is what kind of lifestyle you lead.

Whether you’re a sporty individual or one who likes to get suited and booted, your watch should reflect your way of life. So first off, you need to choose between a traditional-style analogue watch or an avant-garde digital timepiece.


larsson & jennings lugano 40mm gold brown leather mens
Larsson & Jennings – Watch.
timex 80 t2n271 watch multi blue men
Timex – Watch.
Triwa Watch mens brown strap Watch
Triwa – Watch

Analog vs. Digital

Digital watches tend to have more features like calendars, alarms and stopwatch functions which aren’t always available in analogue watches.  However, Analog watches can look more professional and will look better when you’re wearing a suit.

Overall we’d say that although we’re fully immersed in a digital world, analogue watches are still holding their own and continue to be seen as a status symbol that won’t fade anytime soon.


mens TRIWA Sort of Black Leather Watch Black
Triwa – Watch
daniel wellington 0206dw sheffield watch black mens
Daniel Wellington – Watch

Classic vs Sports Watches

Once you’ve decided whether you prefer analogue to digital or vice versa it’ll be easier to choose between classic or outdoor watches. If you’d like to add a watch into your dress routine and have a clear idea on how much you want to spend on it, then you need to take into considerations what style you’d prefer as each style has different characteristics.

Classic Watches

  • Gold or silver materials.
  • Simple and plain cases.
  • Less functions to use.
  • No bezels with markings.
  • These usually have thin straps.
mens casio watch gold face leather strap
Casio – Watch
nixon gold watch men
Nixon – Watch


black mens tuxedo jacket the idle man mens
The Idle Man – Blazer
the idle man mens smart shirt in white men
The Idle Man – Shirt
mens black tuxedo trousers mens
The Idle Man – Trousers

Sports Watches

  • Usually larger than classic timepieces.
  • Multiple functions including water-resistance.
  • Usually digital or have thick, luminous hands and markings.
  • Bezels with markings.
  • Casual straps or a heavy bracelet.
mens timex 80 t2n267 watch purple
Timex – Watch.
timex 80 t2n271 watch multi blue men
Timex – Watch.


Open Bar Hoodie Black men
Huf – Hoodie
The Idle Man white t-shirt men
The Idle Man – T-Shirt
only & sons fritz quilted joggers black mens
Only & Sons – Joggers.

A Brief History On The Gentleman’s Watch

The transition from the gentleman’s pocket watch to the more convenient wristwatch took place in the late 19th century. The wars that took place during that period meant military leaders had to coordinate attacks with precision and to do so, they needed a watch close by.

Until World War I began, only women would wear wristwatches and their purpose was purely decorative. Believe it or not, but wristwatches were considered feminine until WWI. Many men in the military complained that timing a bombardment with a pocket watch was just too inconvenient and not at all efficient. The idea of attaching small timepieces to bracelets suddenly didn’t seem so bad.

mens world war trench watches lifestylePHOTO CREDIT: Pinterest

Men’s Watches For Thin Wrists

  • Remember watches for men with small wrists should not compromise on style
  • Do the wrist test – put the watch on, shake your hand up and down, if the watch slides, then don’t buy
  • Pick a watch that suits your needs. I know this sounds simple but you shouldn’t wear a sports watch to your formal meetings.
  • If all else fails always remember you can adjust the watch strap
  • Don’t rush and buy the first watch for small wrists, shop around there are so many options on the market!

On That Note

The key thing to remember is whether you’re dressing smart or casual, try to keep all elements of your watch on a smaller scale. From the case diameter to the numbers, hours and second hands-everything should balance with your wrist size.

Once you’ve learnt to recognise the key elements of a small wrist watch, then you can concentrate on what type or what brand to go for.

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