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Mass production made jewelry available to the widest number of buyers in the broadest range of designs ever seen before in history. When it came to formal occasions, the "more is better" theme of the Victorian era carried over into how jewelry was worn by.

Check condition by holding the cameo up to the light to detect possible cracks. CAMEOS are such classic beauties. This one has tiny pink enameled butterflies on the corners of the filigree frame. View #U14728 CAMEO This three-quarter profile cameo is very deeply carved and.

View View #U23999 CAMEO with lovely seed pearls surrounding the 14 karat setting.  #U4001 CAMEO in 14 karat twist setting. she has an anchor motif at her shoulder and a star in her hair. #Uagnes2 FLORAL bouquet cameo in a 14 karat setting. View #U20323.

How to victorian wear hat pins
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VICTORIAN JEWELRY 1837 to 1901 Victorian jewelry is as complex in it's symbolism, sentiment and design as the fashion, architecture and decor of the time. Worn as an ornament, a love token or a remembrance, jewelry not only completed the well-dressed lady's costume but also.

Advertising jewelry is rare, and one of the most unusual pieces of Victorian jewelry is this advertising bracelet, evidentially promoting a Victorian era London clothier. VICTORIAN 7"  by 1" agate bracelet with an engraved plaque that says, "AR Clothier. 111 London. Rd. Chippenham. WRCD 47/2".

Black enameling was a frequent element, as well as seed pearls accents denoting tears, and flowers which carried a message, the most obvious of which is the forget-me-not. Valued among collectors are engraved pieces, especially if dated; well-crafted intricate pieces with unusual motifs; and pieces.

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