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Aviators caps developed at the dawn of manned flight, as pilots in open cockpits needed to keep their ears and heads warm. Even as the cockpits of planes were closed, their popularity continued through WWII, up until jets necessitated the use of a helmet. Aviator.

Lighter-colored furs are generally considered more feminine (unless military so try to stick to darker colors, and be aware that real fur may draw protest from animal rights-inclined individuals. These days, synthetics can pile thicker and dry faster than even the best hides anyway, making.

It does, however, bear a strong resemblance to the traditional Afghan Karakul hats, which is probably where the nickname came from. Any of these versions are warm, but still appropriate to wear with anything, even up to business attire. They have a non-Western flavor that.

Winter stylish toques
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In Pakistan and northern India, a slightly higher style with a single crown is called the Jinnah cap, after the founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. A similar style with a triangular shape has been worn traditionally in Afghanistan for centuries; President Karzai often appears.

These tend to have the most go anywhere ability you can wear them on the ski slopes or between the taxi and the opera house door. In addition to color, the style of the headgear affects where it can and cant be worn: Hats that.

The former, a skullcap sort of look, is generally considered more masculine, while the softer, looser style is gender-neutral and worn very commonly by both women and men. A few tuque-style hats have a small, soft, crescent-shaped brim, which has become popular with snowboarders. Others.

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